Director Of Music


Doug Manning

Doug’s first training in instrumental music began at Milneford Junior High School, where, because his arms were too short, he was taken off trombone and given the tuba. This watershed event marked the beginning of a long and happy relationship with bands and orchestras. Doug’s studies continued at the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education. In 1979, he began his teaching career as an itinerant music instructor for Toronto Board of Education, and came to York Region District School Board in 1990. Recently retired as Head of Music at Woodbridge College, Doug is currently conductor of the Markham Concert Band, and music director for Unionville Theatre Company. We are happy to announce that Doug has consented to be our Musical Director on a long term basis...

Band Executive

President: Leslie Noble

Vice President: Danielle Noel

Treasurer: Heidi Proctor

Secretary: Joanne Dies

Librarian: Vanessa Alambo (Interim), Leslie Graham (Interim) 

Public Relations: Andrea Cox (Interim)

Concert Coordinator: Scott Lapish

Past President: Peter Voth

Band Members

Section Leaders = *

Flute: John Kent, Jessica Larrea, Leslie Graham, Louise Gough, Courtney Zboraski*, Kathy Lisle, Karen Aiken* 

Oboe: Catherine Smiglicki, John Watkins

Bassoon: Robert Pollard*

Clarinet:  Kelleigh Burns*, Jessica Lapish, Andrea Morgan, Lisa Paszkowski, Michael Seim, Evelyn Watkins

Bass Clarinet: 

Alto Saxophone: Vanessa Alambo, Andrea Cox, Dennis Gazarek, Linda Hurst, Danielle Noel

Tenor Saxophone: Anthony Caterini, Jonas Ziuraitis

Baritone Saxophone: Sean Breen*, David Liscoumb

Trumpet: Scott Lapish*, Lisa Barth, Cathy McKay, Roy Riseley, Barry Rosenthal, Hugh Smith, Vern Kennedy, Linda Lopata, Nadine Salmers

French Horn: Greg Balsdon, Pat Buttigieg, Joanne Dies, Leslie Noble, Heidi Proctor*, Christine Smith, Barrie Brumwell

Trombone: Gregg McCabe, Grant Watson, Steve Titchener, Allan Jaffary*, Al Norrie, Ryan Rozinskis, Ernie Devenyi

Euphonium: Frank Dempsey, Peter Voth*

Tuba: Keith Chapin, Gary Phillips

Percussion: Bruce Densmore, Jan Pettafor*